Wellness professionals, parents and children, pregnancy and birth specialists…

… they needed a special place. One where they could work when they’d outgrown their own home offices or regular spaces. Where they could run a group class, or a workshop, or a day retreat.

After years of hiring non-purpose built spaces for her Hypnobirthing and Birth Savvy classes, Pip Wynn Owen began considering this gap in the Perth market,

and began property hunting.

When you read that Pip Wynn Owen considers herself an introvert who is anxious about public speaking, you have to chuckle. She’s become Perth’s go-to expert on birthing options, education, and hypnobirthing for the media.

She also never intended to be a small business owner, and worked as a childbirth educator for over 10 years after an extensive career as a midwife. It was a coffee and cake morning with local business women that changed her mind…

along with making her realise how a central hub for people focused around a special kind of business was imperative.

Wellness On Whatley was the answer.

Wellness on Whatley is Pip Wynn Owen’s reply to Perth needing a purposeful space for those in the wellness industry.

Photographers, counsellors, naturopaths, nutritionists, pregnancy and birth specialists, therapists, educators, meditation and yoga teachers, and other special folk working in the wellness space are considerately catered for.

About Wellness on Whatley

Pip Wynn Owen launched the centre in 2017 to cater to wellness professionals and their clients. Purposefully structured for a productive, relaxed environment for businesses in the wellness industry, Wellness On Whatley provides surrounds for private appointments or small group classes.

Centrally located just out of Perth City, the Maylands address is on the café strip and close to public transport and car parking. Equipped with modern amenities and technology and combined with wellness specific accessories (such as gym balls!) the different spaces can be used in diverse ways.

Wellness on Whatley

is located at 162 Whatley Cresent



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